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Pea’s first day in Kindergarten

Yesterday was Pea’s first day in Kindergarten. Few days before, I was worried whether she would be able to cope with a new environment, faces she hasn’t seen before and all sorts. Adding to it was how her sister behaved during her first day in kindergarten.

To my suprise and amazement, Pea was much too excited to even think about these things. In fact, it was so smooth for me to just leave her with her class teacher and new friends… she didn’t even shed a single tear… Waved me good bye, and went to play (on her own)…

Both hubby and I stood outside the class (there’s a window to see how are the children outside the class), looking out for her, to see if she has any separation anxiety… Guess this girl is really grown up… She’s the kind whereby “you leave me here, then I’ll just adapt”…

I am of course happy that she is such a good girl, and really really excited in kindergarten… Guessed because her sister kept talking about her kindergarten stories that this girl can’t wait to share hers 🙂

Posted by: Mother to My Sweeties | October 24, 2009

Pie’s school concert

Just came back from Pie’s school concert. With the theme of ‘Save the Earth’, the performance were all related to mother nature – trees, flowers, butterflies, animals, reuse, clean-up, etc. I find that this year’s concert is not so good comparing to last year’s. Maybe because last year’s songs were more lively.

Just before the performances, there were the usual graduation & prize giving ceremony. I was telling my Mum that next year, it’ll be Pie’s turn on the stage for the graduation ceremony. Little did I know that she would be called on stage to receive a trophy for being one of the outstanding performance students for 3 consecutive terms for the 5 years old. We were all so surprised as nobody informed us about her going on stage to receive anything, neither did the girl knew about it (hahaha… When I asked her about it after the concert, she was blur blur… huh ? dunno ahh) I’m so proud of her!

After all the performances, all the kids gathered together, to sing 2 songs – We are the World – English & Chinese version, marking the end of the concert for the year 2009.

Was telling my Sis that next year, most likely we will be attending 2 concerts; the final year in kindergarten for Pie and the first year for Pea. There’ll be more to come 🙂

Posted by: Mother to My Sweeties | August 9, 2009

“Ngau Luis”

“Ngau Lui 1”:
Pea wants to write on the whiteboard, so she requested for a whiteboard marker. Once gotten the marker, she just threw one of the kids chair (without the legs anymore) one side, and placed another kids chair (with the legs) in front of the whiteboard.

“Ngau Lui 2”:
Daddy gave Pie a new mechanical pencil. Pie opened the cover so hard, that everything flew away from the pencil 😦

That proves how “ngau” my girls are… Haha…

Posted by: Mother to My Sweeties | March 7, 2009

Primary School Registration

Time really flies. Just a blink, and I’ve registered Pie for Primary School. In 2 more years, she’ll be wearing blue pinafore with white blouse, attending Standard One…

I registered her into a Chinese school. I’m still afraid that she might not be able to cope up with it… with “banana” parents, and olden days knowledge grandparents, I do not know how much we can help her. Of course there’s still tuition teachers to help out… however I guess she’ll need to buck up and pick up fast. Luckily, she is quite a fast learner… in fact, she is teaching us the chinese words instead… thus far, I’ve learnt quite a bit 🙂

I need to spend more time with her, as well as her sister… cannot let go of time flying so fast… I still want my baby in my arms 🙂

Posted by: Mother to My Sweeties | November 17, 2008

Pea’s power words… and mine too!

These days, Pea is starting to speak in sentence… Her most powerful ones alwiz (and no fail) starts with ‘I want!’ – ‘I want to drink milk’, ‘I want to eat ice-cream’, ‘I want Mummy’, ‘I want this’, ‘I want that’. If she doesn’t get what she wants (esp. the milk part), she’ll scream the whole house in ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!’. I feel that she is currently holding onto these 2 words (‘I want’, and ‘No’) as a weapon against us… *sigh*

My powerful words for her ? ‘No’ also hehe 🙂 Coz whenever she’s so demanding, I had to stop her with a ‘NO!’, which she will also say the same against me… it’s her against me… who wins in the end ? When she don’t get it even with the ‘No’, she’ll start crying loud… Most of the time I wouldn’t bother her, as I know I cannot give in to her that easy… at times, if she still don’t get it, she’ll fall asleep (haha… good tool to use esp. when want her to sleep), or she’ll go and look for other ppl to ‘sayang’ her (like her daddy / grandmother / sister)…

Another powerful word for her is ‘Walk’… both girls like to walk, walk, walk and then run around in the house. If they don’t hurt anything, it’s ok… however, there are a few cases whereby Pea follows her sister and run and hurt herself… it’s nothing major, however it’s something that could be prevented if she wasn’t too engrossed with things and running. So whenever I see them running, I will shout ‘WALK’, and they’ll immediately obey (for a while)…

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Homecooked Pasta

Credits to:
Aphas: French Girls from DigitalArts-Cafe
Photo Corners: cannot remember where I downloaded this

Last Sunday, Sweetie Pie made us dinner… hehe 🙂 If she were to do some chopping and stirring and cooking in the kitchen by herself, I would have fainted! She was in fact her Daddy’s assistant, but then, give her some credit lar… She already had some practice with her Grandma…

We asked her, how do you cook pasta… Here’s her reply:
“First, you put the spaghetti and pasta (dunno why she always separate them) into the pot, and then you boil it for 10 minutes. After that, you drain it. Then take a pan, put in some chicken and then the pasta sauce and some tomato sauce (my mum’s way of cooking the sauce). Then you put in cheese (half in my stomach, half in the pan).”

Detailed enough ? Don’t think so, if you really do intend to follow the recipe, however from my kid… it’s totally cool! Soon, we’ll have a new chef!

Posted by: Mother to My Sweeties | June 30, 2008

Train Ride

Credits to:
Paper: florasia

We took Pie & Pea out for train ride yesterday. To be exact, it was LRT & Monorail ride. The day before, Pie saw the train above us (the LRT just passed by) and was saying that she haven’t sat in a train before. In actual fact, she have sat the MRT (Singapore) & Disneyland train (Hong Kong), but not KL’s LRT 🙂 So I told her, ok, we’ll take your sister, and go for a train ride tomorrow…

Hence, the start of the train journey. Wanted to go out early in the morning, however the morning rain kept us indoors till 10+ am. We took the LRT from Kelana Jaya (KJ), and sat till KL Sentral. Both girls practically didn’t sit at all… they just looked out of the window, mesmerized with the outside view. When Pea was bored, she stared at the other passengers…

When we reached KL Sentral, Pie was hungry, so we had McD (hehe… it’s like there isn’t a McD around our housing area). After brunch, we took the monorail. Would like to have stopped at Bukit Bintang, but Pea had other thoughts… dreamy thoughts to be exact… she slept in her Daddy’s arms inside the Monorail. I guessed the bumpy ride was a good place for her… Hence, we stopped at Bkt Nanas and walked all the way to Dang Wangi’s stop, to take the LRT back to KJ. Pie didn’t had enough of the journey… During the long walk, she asked where are we going, why are we going back… she wanted to walk more and more and more… Had to coax her to go home, coz we were all tired (esp. Daddy).

It was a nice experience for the girls, esp. Pie. At least now she would have stopped pestering me from taking the train ride (again!).

Coming up post… Pie cooked us dinner!!!

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Pea calling out to ‘Ah Yee’


Credits to:
Paper, Alphas, Butterfly, Flower & Notepad: Shabby Princess Designs

Pea rarely calls us. Currently, she only likes to say the following words:

Dog – woh woh
Eat – mum mum
Want (want to eat / want to drink) – oi (or her fav thing to do, nod her head)
Don’t want – fav thing, shake her head

Occasionally, only can we pry open her mouth to call us ‘Ma’, ‘Ba’, ‘Yeah’. However, yesterday, without us prompting her, she suddenly blurted out ‘Ah Yee’. Luckily my Aunt was there and she heard those sweet lil’ words coming from the sweet lil’ girl. Bet you, it would have melted her heart…

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Growing Up … 14 months


Credits to:
Paper: Manu B.
Alpha: Kiddos Alpha © Lisa Carter
Photo Corners: {Can’t find any credits for this}
Element: Aneta Branch

Today Yesterday marks Pea’s 14 months old. I’ve watched her growing everyday, into an active and smart baby. She has been very responsive and practically understands what we tell her. In fact, our communication with her is much better now. Whenever she wants something / we want to ask her anything, we’ll post a question and she’ll be moving her body (if she do want it) and nodding in agreement to it.

The last time she was weighed, she lost about 1 pound, due to her long illness. However, now she has been eating more and drinking more milk, that hubby jokingly said she could be at 10kg now (haha… nope… might just past 8kg again). In terms of health, she’s very healthy and bubbly now… constantly on the go and keeping a lookout for her sister (whom she sees only during weekends / PH). Nevertheless, the love between them cannot be tainted by anybody… very strong bond they have together. Her sister practically dotes on her… giving to her every prim and fancy… whenever I get too strict with Pea, Pie would tell me to be more patient with her and don’t scold her. Haha… am taking the chance to discipline Pea while Pie is not around the house… else Pea will get more and more naughty by the way her sister is pampering her…

Nevertheless, it shows how much we love her and she loves us. I’m happy to have such lovely gifts from God… giving me 2 loving and bouncy girls. Thank you!

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Backdated: Pie’s X’mas Present

Credits to:
Scrapbook Kit: Sea Breeze by Lena Gulbrandsen

This post was supposed to be right after Christmas, however hubby recently only finished putting up the finishing touches to the plane… hence the late and backdated post.

This is actually Pie’s x’mas present from hubby’s 2nd brother and wife. However, it’s lego… has a lot (x 100) of small parts of the plane… Pie wouldn’t be able to even settle the wing… so hubby took up the task to finish it up… now that it’s finished, it’s happily placed on top of the living room cabinet… definitely out of the kid’s reach… however, it’s out of view as well…

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